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Chef Tom’s Circle Dining Rewards


Chef Tom + his team are very excited to announce the roll out of our loyalty program!
Chef Tom’s Circle Dining Rewards provides an opportunity for guests to earn rewards
for dining locally at Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails and Town Hall restaurants.
The best thing is that points can be earned + redeemed at either location!

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent. For every 100 points earned, receive a $5 credit.

Receive a complimentary dessert any time you dine during the calendar month of your birthday.

Earn 2 points for every $1 spent at either restaurant on select days.

Early booking for select events, special invitations, exclusive tastings.

Register your card to receive 50 points!

You must register your card online to be eligible to redeem rewards at Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails and Town Hall. It’s easy!


How can I join Chef Tom’s Circle Dining Rewards?
Sign up during your next visit to Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails or Town Hall by letting your server know you’d like to join our program. You’ll receive your loyalty card upon signing up and you then will be able to register it online.

Why do I need to register my loyalty card online?
-  You must register your card online to be eligible to redeem rewards at either restaurant.
-  Receive 50 points just for registering!
-  Registering your card allows you to receive access to your loyalty account online. You can check your points and rewards through the online portal at any time.
-  Registered members receive exclusive offers and invites!

After I register what will you do with my information?
-  We will not share your information. We will send you company information, special offers and promotions in the form of e-newsletters and similar outreach.
-  Your phone number is necessary to look up your account and your birth date is necessary to redeem your complimentary birthday treat. Please note, we will never share your information with a third party.
-  We will contact you if Chef Tom’s Circle has any changes to the terms and conditions or updates on your account activity.

I received a loyalty card from my server, how do I register it?
Register your new loyalty card online via the link above. Simply fill out your profile information one time and you are ready to start receiving rewards!

I registered my card online, but I don't see my 50 bonus points. Why?
Your 50 bonus points will load to the card the next time it is swiped at the restaurant.

How do I access my loyalty account?
You can access your account online 24/7 with the username and password you create.

Where can I use my Chef Tom’s Circle Dining Rewards card?
Your rewards card can be used at any Chef Tom Gray Restaurant. Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails is located in the St. John’s Town Center and Town Hall is located in San Marco Square, both in Jacksonville, Florida.

I lost my loyalty card, can I still earn and redeem rewards?
It happens, and we get it. Simply provide your registered phone number or last name on your itemized check and your server will apply your points! 

How do I earn points?
You earn one point per dollar spent on food and beverage. Simply give your server your loyalty card and they’ll add the appropriate points to your account. Points are not earned for tax and gratuity.

How do I get my birthday reward?
If your card is registered, you will automatically receive one complimentary dessert* anytime you dine during the calendar month of your birthday. You can use this offer multiple times during the calendar month. To use the reward simply provide your card or registered name/phone number let them know you’d like to use your birthday reward. *One complimentary dessert per visit.

Are there exceptions on how to earn points?
-  Points will not be issued or credited when points are redeemed. For example, if your bill is $35 and you redeem $5 in rewards, you will only earn 30 points for that visit. The same applies for any other offer or promotion.
-  Tax and gratuity will not be counted toward points.
-  You will not earn points when using a gift card.

Is there a maximum number of points I can earn in a single visit?
You may receive up to 1,000 reward points in a single visit.

Do I receive points for gift card purchases?
Yes, loyalty points may be earned for the purchase of gift cards.

Do I receive points when I use a gift card at the restaurant?
Points are not earned when using a gift card to pay for your check.

I forgot to present my card/registered information on my last visit, how can I get my points?
We are able to credit a member’s account within 30 days of purchase. You must have already signed up for the Chef Tom’s Circle Dining Rewards Program at the time of the visit you are requesting credit. You can submit a copy of your receipt via email to receive points for the visit you missed. Email or

I have more than one Chef Tom’s Circle Rewards account. Can I consolidate my points to a single account?
Yes! Contact us via or Provide both account numbers, and specify which account you would like to remain active. Please note, you will need to provide proof of account ownership in order to consolidate accounts.

How will I receive invitations to events or notifications of specials?
Rewards members receive exclusive offers via email after registering their card.

How do I score double-points?
Keep an eye on your inbox for information regarding Double Point night opportunities to maximize your rewards!

Can I use my loyalty card if someone else pays the bill?
Only the member paying the bill may accumulate points. If a bill is paid by credit card, the name on the card must match the name on the Chef Tom’s Circle account.

I’m dining with a group and we have separate checks. Can I apply my rewards card to their checks too?
Only the member paying the bill may accumulate points. If a bill is paid by credit card, the name on the card must match the name on the Chef Tom’s Circle account.

Can I earn rewards for group dining + events?
You may receive up to 1,000 reward points on catering + private events.  

I have a question about my account, who do I contact?
Contact or for all loyalty program inquiries.

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4972 Big Island Drive
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